Lottery prize of 100 GEL best airfares in Georgia.
Offer a lottery, prize of 100 GEL.

Who are preparing for trip in this summer, the best offer from us, buy a ticket with us the lowest price in Georgia and get a chance to get cashback to 100 GEL.

To participate in this offer, you just liked to in this post and share it on your wall in public (public), then we randomly selected the winner of the show, the winner will be awarded GEL 100 for flight purchase on our web site.

The deadline for contributions June 15, the winner will be revealed on June 17.

After winning the consumer will buy a ticket on our web site when he returned to full payment of the amount of GEL 100 in 7 working days.

The rules are very simple to share the post on your facebook-wall public, address >


The winner will be revealed through the web page’s All those who shared a post on this site will be numbered randomly chosen number and this number will be awarded from us, the video material to be posted on our facebook page >

Again steps easily:

  1. Sign in to your facebook page
  2. Post this link >>>
  3. Wait for results 🙂



Good luck to everyone!



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